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9:45 AM Sunday School

11:00 AM Worship Service

 6:00 PM Evening Bible Study


6:00 PM Mid-Week Service

2370 Hewitt Drive, Birmingham, AL 35217, USA

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We are all on a journey.  The question is whether or not your journey has you headed in the right direction - or the wrong direction.  At Pawnee Baptist Church, we believe that the journey in the right direction begins and ends with Jesus Christ.  That journey starts when we first discover the glory of God as it is displayed in the life and work of Jesus Christ.  It then continues as we grow in our faith in Jesus Christ, which ultimately leads us to accomplishing our God-ordained purpose in life.  We believe that you can never truly be satisfied in this life until you discover that purpose and begin doing the work he intended.  The journey is a long one full of many struggles, but ultimately, it is a life-long journey of discipleship in Jesus Christ.  


Take the first step in redirecting your journey – join us for services this week!

Pawnee Baptist Church

​The BODY of Christ working in the UNITY of Christ to accomplish the PURPOSES of Christ