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Meet The Children of Pawnee Mercy Home

Pawnee Mercy Home

Pawnee Mercy Home is orphanage/poor children's home in Eluru, India sponsored by Pawnee Baptist Church. It supports 26 children from the region surrounding Eluru, India. The home provides shelter, food, clothing, and education to children from the poorest villages in India who would otherwise have no other such opportunities. It is run by the India Christian Mission and its director is Bishop John SDR Nakka of the Anglican Orthodox Church of India. It was started in February 2017 and is being funded by faith on a year by year basis. As such, we are looking for people willing to sponsor these children on a long-term basis for $45/mo (or $50/mo to cover fund transfer fees). Please consider giving to the Pawnee Mercy Home through Pawnee Baptist Church to continue the good work being done there in the name of Jesus Christ.

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